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Digital Marketing Workshops for better business results.


Digital Marketing Workshops for integrated & digital media sales success.


Digital Marketing Workshops to transition media specialists to digital skills.

We Build Digital Confidence Within Marketing Professionals
As growth continues in digital media channels, your team needs digital expertise beyond the digital department or person. With strategic consulting and in-house workshops, digitalbrief will make you and your team more confident media professionals. Whether you work on marketing, media sales, or agency side, digitalbrief can help you make you achieve you digital goals. digitalbrief workshops and products are designed for media sales and marketing professionals, from beginners right through to more experienced industry professionals.
We proudly partner with the AMI providing face to face workshops for their members across Australia.
When digital media started making waves, there was a sense of confusion, a knowledge gap, and a lack of confidence for many media, agency and marketing professionals. Media buyers pretended they knew what they were buying, media sales professionals bluffed a lot, and marketing managers wasted their budgets on unsuitable solutions. digitalbrief was formed to take out the confusion to create a better understanding of the digital landscape. We’re passionate about what we do and how we do it, as we provide our complete digital knowledge to businesses and marketers across all categories.

Essay samples stanford

Essay samples stanford Up ahead for the candidates would be Potomac Primaries of DC, Maryland and Virginia, held this Tuesday (February 12), where Obama should do well, and then Hawaii (D), Washington and Wisconsin will weigh in on the 19th. The contest will continue...

Two Digital Marketing and Media Strategic Frameworks

There are two basic strategic digital marketing models to find and keep customers known as the 4 C’s and the POEM. Model your next product launch or campaign strategy with the 4 C’s in mind and ensure you have the right mix of media to stand out above the rest. 4 C’s...

Inflight Marketing Opportunities Missed…

When you think about a domestic or international inflight experience, the airlines hold a very captive audience. As a passenger there are limited number of distractions. This is a fertile environment for very targeted communication messages. Research backs this up. A...

How do I know the training is reputable?
Our trainers are formally trained marketers who are experts in their own disciplines. Many are members and accredited by national and international training bodies. Out core product is digital marketing and media corporate training, this is not an additional add on from others within the industry.
Can I book one seat at the next training session?
Yes, we offer public based training through our partners. A timetable of upcoming workshops is available at the top of the workshops page.
Is the content current and updated?
Through key relationships with media agencies, access to specialist tools, attending conferences and working with clients, all content is regularly updated.
Where is the training conducted?
In-house workshops are often held onsite at our clients office. We also conduct training workshops at national training centres such as Karstens or Cliftons. Please get in touch for preferential rates at these venues.