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Our Most Popular Workshops


  • Digital Training across the major strategic channels
  • Rapidly build your digital marketing confidence
  • Challenge your agency or internal partners
  • Join our most popular program

"Progression 19"

  • Progressing and updating your digital marketing knowledge
  • What’s new in 19? AI, ML, Voice, Chatbots, Tools, Data & so much more
  • Get your head around the new strategies in just one day


  • Learn hands-on, practical digital marketing skills from a specialist
  • Tools, techniques, tips and tricks
  • Great for insourced or smaller marketing teams and agencies

"DM Sales Advantage"

  • Confidently pitch and position your digital media product
  • Designed specifically for media selleres
  • Suitable for agency or direct style selling

"In-house Training & Coaching"

  • Run any workshop internally
  • Tailored specifically for your business with your tech, briefs & reports

Here’s how hundreds rated our workshops in 2018

Agree the workshop was the best digital training program they’ve ever attended
Recommend our workshops to others in the industry
Agree the workshops were useful for their careers
Agree digital training materials were presented well

Past Participant Testimonials

digitalbrief by the numbers


800+ feedback forms complete


1,200+ Slides

presentation (2)

2,000+ people trained in small group workshops


4,000+ hours of face to face digital training

building (1)

Training across 4 countries trained


10+ years of digital training experience


15 different digitalbrief workshops

presentation (1)

17 years of digital marketing experience

Who should attend digitalbrief workshops?


Anyone in our industry who seeks to grow their agency, brand or career through digital marketing and media knowledge


Anyone in our industry who seeks to grow their agency, brand or career through specific digital marketing and media skills


Anyone in our industry who wants to stay up to date and current across the ever changing world of digital marketing & media


Any media sales person who wishes they could more confidently pitch and position their products in the marketplace.


Anyone business owner or startup who wants to learn digital strategy, business models or practical skills to grow or launch their business

Who should NOT attend a digitalbrief workshop


Digital marketing specialists or anyone who ‘knows it all’


Anyone who does not seek growth through digital channels for their brand, business, agency or career.

Prefer to learn online?

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