Keeping marketers up-to-date with digital marketing and media for 2019

A Brief Summary

You are comfortable working with digital channels and you know the digital marketing and media world is developing at a fast pace. You’ve either attended ‘Essentials’ or you are well equipped in working knowledge of all digital channels, and you are looking to be updated in all things digital. With your existing knowledge you are ready to tackle artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice, working with data and so much more

What will you learn

Over 1 day you will be confident in:

  • Marketing applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Learning how consumers are using emerging devices (Smart TV, Watches, Speakers etc)
  • How to apply data across digital marketing
  • Understanding how audio and voice can help you achieve marketing goals
  • Knowing where the industry is headed

Keeping you up to speed in digital marketing & media for 2019

for 2019 Advances in digital marketing and media happen all the time. Are you keeping up with them? This workshop is designed for all types of marketing professionals who want to get the latest changes in the industry. As you’ll see from the content outline, we share with you a overview of the latest technologies, opportunities, trends and insights so you your marketing strategy and plans are well prepared. In one full day of face to face training we touch on the areas you need to know about so you can get the learnings and get on with the business of devising marketing strategy.

What You Will Learn:

By the end of the DM&M Progression `19 workshop you will learn:-

  • Why you should employ artificial intelligence within a marketing environment
  • How your brand can leverage voice to reach marketing goals
  • How the latest digital paid media targeting techniques are applied to audience and DR goals
  • Consumer device insights across the latest digital devices
  • The latest trends in major digital platforms
  • How eSports and online gaming marketing opportunities and why you should keep an eye on it
  • The latest programmatic media changes
  • And a lot more…

“Simplicity with which concept were explained. Great, easy to understand way of demonstrating things to clients.”

Who should attend DM&M Progression `19?

This workshop is designed for all ages and titles in the industry who have some of the below traits:-

  • Marketing managers who are already comfortable across digital channels but want to stay up to speed with the latest changes in digital marketing and media. If you feel you are not comfortable with all channels we recommend you attend DM&M Essentials first.
  • Creative agency account managers who are digital marketing confident who want to up their digital strategy game to lead and influence the client at a deeper level
  • A digital specialist who has deep knowledge in one area (e.g. SEM or Programmatic) who wants to broaden their skills set beyond this discipline
  • Advanced, digital or senior media agency professionals who want to grow strategically outside of media buying to add more value to their clients business and careers

Content Outline

Artificial Intelligence applied to marketing context
AI has been around for quite sometime and our industry platforms are heavily invested in the technology. Have you ever wondered why Google services seem to be so useful? It’s probably time you upped your game across AI so your client or brand can take advantage of it too.
Machine Learning applications to marketing strategy
What is machine learning exactly? How is it different to AI? How can marketers leverage this technology? We hear you, and we will give you the answers.
The Voice & Audio opportunity
Ok Google, tell me all the things that are going on with Voice right now. Siri, tell me what a smart speaker is. Alexa, will podcasts take off this year or is this all hype being created by radio centric media companies?
Latest Consumer Device Usage across Australia
Apple Watch has been around now but how many are there in use? What is the latest uptake in Smart TVs?
All things gaming -Twitch, Fornite, Esports
This fast growing has area of digital has over 1 millions followers in Australia and growing fast. This 1.2 billion dollar industry has many Australian entrants who are already taking advantage of this trend.
Augmented Reality
Allow consumers to place your furniture in their lounge rooms before they buy it, in store tours from the consumers bedroom & a virtual time machine are just some of the way marketers are leveraging this technology. Plenty of examples and case studies to inspire you.
The latest marketing tools
We leverage some of the best content from our DM&M Skills based workshop to show you the very best marketing tools, chrome extensions, hack and tips so you can keep up with your digital or social media department
Programmatic Media & Ad Technology
Could programmatic media get any messier. The simple answer is, yes. We will take you through the recent advancements and changes in the industry so you are equipped to ask your partners some of the harder questions.
Facebook, Instagram, Google – Platform Updates and Analysis
The major platforms set a dominant tone and direction for the industry. In a short space of time we will update you on the direction and insights these platforms are taking.
Dealing and leveraging data
I know you’ve read the headlines, but who is actually succeeding in this and how are they doing it? Let’s take a plain English look at data and how marketers can leverage it for commercial gains.
Predictive Technology
Analytics has traditionally looked ‘behind’ in time first, data analysed to generate an insight, then applied. What happens in marketing if we could predict what is going to happen next and incorporate that into our plans? That’s accelerated growth leverage digital technology.

Workshop Location

We hold many of our public workshops at Clifton’s in the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane CBD. The catering, hospitality and location of Clifton’s venues ensures for an easy and successful workshop

What’s included in the Workshop?

  1. 1 Day of Face-To-Face digital marketing and media trainer
    presented by the industry leading digital trainer with over 18 years of hands on digital marketing and media experience
  2. Printed workbook
    so you can capture as many notes, examples and models you can throughout the sessions
  3. Fully catered – You will not be going hungry through our regular morning tea, lunch and afternoon breaks throughout the whole program.
  4. Digital Resource Library Access
    Just imaging gaining access to the shortcuts to research, tools, extensions and resources we use to craft our workshop? All included for you.
  5. Invitation to the digitalbrief PRIVATE Facebook group
    All attendees of our workshop are invited to collaborate and share knowledge within our exclusive group.
  6. % off your next workshop COUPON
    You’ll receive a 10% discount to use at your next digitalbrief hosted public workshop, valid for 24 months.
  7. 25% off ACCELERATE digitalbrief online learning assets
    You’ll receive a 25% discount to use within 12 months of completing your workshop.


$1,600 +GST
Dates to be released soon


$1,600 +GST
Dates to be released soon


$1,600 +GST
Dates to be released soon


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