gives you the confidence to position and pitch your digital
media products in the every changing marketplace.

A Brief Summary

Designed specifically for media sales professionals, this workshop gives you the knowledge to confidently engage, challenge and sell your product to both agency and direct clients. We highlight what you need to know so you and your products remain competitive in the marketplace. With your new and updated digital knowledge, the confidence you’ll get post the workshop will give you the edge in negotiations with internal stakeholders and your clients.

What will you learn

Across 2 or 3 day program you will learn:-

  • Several strategic models applied to digital media sales
  • How your major digital platforms and industry pitch their products
  • The major content marketing strategies to ensure your ideas get signed off
  • Paid social media insights plus 9 other social media techniques
  • How the programmatic landscape is formed
  • How to confidently present a report to your client
  • + much more….

Giving you the digital media sales confidence you need for 2020

Do you wish you were more confident engaging in conversations with clients across digital marketing and media? Do you, or your company, struggle to keep up with the changing nature of digital media? Over the full program we outline the major strategies, products, trends, opportunities and challenges across the Australia digital media scene to build your digital knowledge. Finish the workshop with the confidence to hold strategic conversations with your clients (direct & agency) across digital marketing and media channels.

“Digitalbrief offers a fantastic workshop that caters to all levels of experience and covers content in simple, easy to comprehend methods.”

What You Will Learn:

By the end of this workshop, you will have up-to-date knowledge across digital marketing & media so you can:-

  • Conduct and lead confident, strategic conversations across digital
  • Learn client and agency side strategic models so you will talk their language
  • Confidently position your product within the marketplace
  • Learn the most common digital sales objections and how to handle them
  • Understand the digital landscape across social media, content marketing, programmatic, podcasts, video and more
  • Learn how many of the major products in the marketplace are sol
  • Generate digital insights before you pick up the phone or take the first meeting
  • Work more effectively with internal digital teams
  • Spot more new business opportunities across your existing and prospective clients
  • Confidently present a mid or post-campaign report without sounding like a fraud
  • Present a strong digital media proposal to your client or agency

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for media sellers professionals working in commercial roles within media companies. We’ve had positive feedback and testimonials from Commercial Directors, to account coordinators who attend the very same program.

  • Account Managers
  • Account Coordinators
  • Commercial Directors
  • National & State Sales Directors
  • Digital Managers
  • HR, Learning & Development

Content Outline

Understanding Australia’s Digital Landscape
Every quarter we see changes in the Australian digital landscape. Using multiple sources we paint a picture and give insights into the changes and how it affects your sales opportunity.
Digital Paid Media Frameworks
Some of most positive comments post the workshop come from this session. In the space of 1 hour we cover 3 common frameworks we then apply to the rest of the workshop. High performing sales people use these frameworks for their entire careers because they know the rest of the industry follows suit.
Digital Media Products
Pending the 2 or 3 day option, we cover display, performance, search (SEM/SEO), mobile, rich media, programmatic (all types), social, content, programmatic native, podcasts, video, integration, email marketing/edm & 1,000+ different audience targeting options
Social Media Paid Media
As you already know, Facebook Ads is cleaning up. We will take you through the major Facebook Ad products and demonstrate how they work live on screen. For keen participants, they’ll be able to judge audience sizes post the workshop to see how their product stacks up. (This really helps to see if the client is telling porky pies).
Content Marketing Led Digital Media Sales
We review the three major types of paid media content marketing products to highlight the strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities behind all. Behind the product is a formula for success that you’ll learn in about 15 minutes.
Programmatic Media & AdTech
Get an outline of the programmatic process and landscape so you can understand the major challenges of programmatic, from an unbiased source. Through the process, we highlight some of the major ad tech tools and processes, as well as get to the bottom of viewability.
Measurement, Reporting & Showcasing ROI
Don’t you wish you could present the mid or campaign report to a client confidently? The excel spreadsheet has so many numbers on it – how do you even make sense of it? We focus a whole session on how to navigate through this process. The secret, it starts at the beginning of the sales process, not at the end.
Marketing Tools & Chrome Extension for Media Sales
You’ve probably never encountered some of the free and low cost marketing tools that we used to increase the efficiency of the sales process. We reveal some of the tips and secrets we’ve used for years that you can use day to day.
Digital products through the purchase funnel and consumer journey mapped to LIVE briefs or scenarios
Once you’ve learned the products across the entire industry we map them out to a live brief. You’ll play agency or client for the afternoon and present your solution to the class in groups. We find many light bulb moments happen through this process.
Applying digital media sales knowledge to LIVE briefs or scenarios
Many years ago digitalbrief created a ‘Brief Approach’ exercise. This process allows you to formulate an approach to brief or scenario very quickly so you focus your energy and efforts wisely. Do this before you start a brief response, you will save yourself and your team a lot of time!

Workshop Location

We hold many of our public workshops at Clifton’s in the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane CBD. The catering, hospitality and location of Clifton’s venues ensures for an easy and successful workshop

What’s included in Digital Media Sales Advantage workshop?

  1. 2 presented by the industries leading digital trainer with over 18 years of digital marketing and media experience.
  2. Printed workbook
    so you can capture as many notes, examples and models you can throughout the sessions
  3. Fully catered – ou will not be going hungry through our regular morning tea, lunch and afternoon breaks throughout the whole program.
  4. 365 Online Learning Access to DM&M Essential Strategies Online
    We give you select access to 3 units so you can continue to learn post the session. For those who are keen to get the full product we give participants a discounted offer through the session.
  5. Digital Resource Library Access
    Just imaging gaining access to the shortcuts to research, tools, extensions and resources we use to craft our workshop? All included for you at no extra cost.
  6. 10% off your next workshop COUPON
    You’ll receive a 10% discount to use at your next digitalbrief hosted public workshop, valid for 24 months.
  7. 25% off digitalbrief online learning assets
    You’ll receive a 25% discount to use within 12 months of completing your workshop.


$1,600 +GST
Dates to be released soon


$1,600 +GST
Dates to be released soon


$1,600 +GST
Dates to be released soon


The training Russ delivered was fantastic, the content was relatable he kept me engaged….


I feel much more confident about being in and leading meetings with clients…


Russell is the “mythbusters” of digital media….


Russ was fantastic at explaining the different forms of digital media ….