Covid-19 Effected Marketers – Digital Skills Training Offer

To: 🌏 All Marketers (large and small) effected by Covid-19 🌏
Subject: Covid-19 Effected Marketers – Digital Skills Training Offer
From: Russ Easther, founder digitalbrief

Hi there,

I’m Russ Easther, founder of digitalbrief. I run a training company helping marketers work more confidently & effectively with digital marketing.

Covid-19… Within the very first week, I saw immediate changes with all of my face-to-face corporate training dropping to zero. We had healthy amount of work lined up for the next quarter, all to be cancelled or postponed (and rightly so for the health of all involved).

Like many others in the marketing industry, my business is facing tough times…

My key product, “face-to-face” based digital training workshops, simply cannot legally be delivered in Australia, and many parts of the world.

My main primary source of income stopped, almost overnight.

I had two choices…

Do I watch Netflix & Youtube all day long?
Do I eat into my savings and wait for the government for the hand-outs to land in my account?
Do I just sit this thing out adding no value back to my clients or participants?


Do I face this challenge head on and make the best of this situation…. I asked myself several questions….

👉 How can I serve my clients & participants during these tough times?
👉 How can I deliver digital training without actually being present on client site?
👉 How can help those who are going to inevitably be out of work, get back into work when this is behind us?

I’ve been super quiet, and super excited, for the last month as I’ve transitioned our 2nd most popular workshop to an online format. It’s been a hell of a learning curve, but I’m super proud of the outcome.

The “Digital Marketing Skills” 2-day workshop is now available online.

All 10 workshops are designed primarily for marketing professionals, however those who looking to learn more digital marketing skills will get a great deal of value out of the workshops as well.

Whether your marketing budgets are large or small, located in Australia or around the world, the content spans across 10 different digital marketing areas, and you’ll find very transferable skills amongst all areas. Read all about it here.

And especially for those of you, like me, who find themselves suddenly out of work, I’m here to help you out…

Why? Because I have been there… and honestly, I still am.

For individuals who have been effected by Covid-19, many who have been let-go, stood down, retrenched… I know you are hurting right now, facing a huge degree of uncertainty in your career and finances, but I’m here to serve & help you.

If you read through the workshop outlines, and this program is something you want to do, let me know what you can afford and I’ll give you a login to all 10 workshops.

If upgrading your digital marketing skills before your next job application or completing this in your down time while you are on reduced hours helps, then I encourage you to contribute an amount you can afford to access the workshops.

Let me help you out 🙏

It’s that simple.

Simply click on the button below to register your details, make a contribution, and we will email a login to you straight away. You can get started in minutes.

If I may as you only one thing in return… Please help me get this offer out to as many marketers as possible across the globe 🌍. If you have a positive experience with the workshops (I’m sure you will!), please share a testimonial and give this message a like, a forward, retweet, paste it into a LinkedIn marketing groups, whatever you feel comfortable doing to spread the word. If you can do this I would be most appreciative 😊

🍋 When life gives you lemons, make lemonade 🍋

If you have the time, let’s sharpen our tools in our down time so when this mess is behind us, we’ll be stronger, better marketers than ever before.

Stay safe,

Russ Easther 👊
Founder, digitalbrief

Russell Easther is the founder and lead trainer of digitalbrief.  

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