On-Demand Digital Marketing Workshops

Pre-recorded workshops ready to start on any device with an internet connection. 

What are 'on-demand' workshops?

Can’t get to a workshop, or want to catch-up on content at a later date? Our on-demand will suit your learning needs. Our on-demand learning catalogue below covers our popular strategy based workshops below.

Essentials On-Demand

This is our most popular Digital Marketing & Essentials program captured and delivered in an on-demand learning environment. Fill-in-the-gaps of your digital marketing knowledge in your own time with the on-demand version

Digital Skills Advantage

Our most popular skills based workshop is now captured in an online learning environment. This workshop is a bundle of 10 smaller skills based workshops spanning a wide variety of digital marketing skill areas.

Headline Generation

No matter what content marketers create, it all starts with a strong headline!

Get involved with our skills based courses by taking our ‘headline generation’ course 100% for free. 

Create Social Media Images & GIFS

Marketers do not need a design degree to create many social media and digital marketing assets. This workshop enables anyone with an internet connection to create graphics and GIF’s.

Managing Social Media Influencers

Research, review & monitor to keep your social influencers honest with this skills-based content. Learn how to research and understand if specific social influencers are ready for your brand.

Build Video Based Marketing Assets

As demand for video based content increases, marketers must invest in video assets to gain in social channels. This workshop shows how low cost and easy to use video tools can stretch your production budget further.

Marketing Productivity

Work smarter, not harder. We offer several ways marketers can save time and increase efficiency through marketing productivity tools

Consumer Insights

This workshop highlights how to generate consumer insights used in marketing planning without a hefty price tag associated with it. 

Digital Tracking & ROI

How to track your digital marketing efforts, with an emphasis on the world’s most popular measurement tool, Google Analytics. This is the ‘hands-on’ skills of digital marketing tracking.

Increasing Conversion Rates (CRO)

This is one of the most overlooked areas of digital marketing. How can marketers increase their conversion rates? Small changes here make a massive difference in results.

SEO & SEM Skills

Marketers with smaller budgets will need to be very hands-on with SEM and SEO. In this value packed workshop, we demonstrate and show you many of the necessary skills to help you manage SEM and SEO.

Market / Competitive Analysis

Some people say this course should be illegal. We will show you how to generate deep market or competitive insights through free and low-cost tools available to marketers large and small.

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