Strategic Digital Marketing Workshops

Workshops designed to increase the digital marketing strategic decision making outcomes, confidence and capabilities of marketing teams.

What are 'strategy-based' workshops?

Strategy based workshops are our most popular. The content is focused on digital marketing strategic models, how a particular channel is used with digital marketing strategy, how the digital landscape is changing, and how to address with digital marketing strategy. The vast majority of our clients are after strategy-based workshops.

The ‘Essentials’ workshop is our most popular strategic workshop. The ‘Strategic Digital Marketing In 2024’ is more advanced content suitable for executives. Our content marketing strategy workshops are often coupled with ‘How-to’ skills based content in our skills section.¬†

Digital Marketing Essentials

Covering many areas of digital marketing and media, this workshop is favoured by many of our clients on all sides of the marketing fence.

Strategic Digital Marketing

A step up from our ‘Essentials’ workshop, we venture deeper into strategy creation and what is influencing digital marketing strategy decision making.

The A-Z Of Content Marketing Strategy

Everything you need to know to deliver content marketing strategy for small or large businesses. 

Customer Journey Mapping

The most powerful modern marketing strategies are customer centric. In this workshop, we teach you the full customer journey mapping process, whilst you apply it to your own live brief

Digital Media Sales Advantage

If you sell media products direct or via an agency, and want to be more confident pitching your digital products, this is the workshop for you. Refine over many years and delivered all over APAC, this will give your team the most confidence to sell digital media products to clients large and small.

Custom Workshops

Our most popular workshop for marketers, government communications professionals and agencies of all types.

We often create bespoke marketing and digital marketing workshops for marketing teams across all sides of the fence.

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