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DigitalBrief: A Leading Provider Of Digital Marketing Courses

Success in the Digital marketing landscape requires having the right knowledge. The best way to gain this knowledge is through digital marketing courses. From understanding the basics of digital marketing such as SEO and Analytics to specific forms of marketing such as Social Media, Mobile, etc., the courses offered by Digitalbrief provide the perfect platform to learn in an immersive yet flexible way.

Digitalbrief offers digital marketing courses in Sydney and Melbourne that are designed to help students to quickly learn and excel in digital marketing. Digitalbrief has over 15 trainers with years of experience in the industry. Experienced digital marketers and industry professionals provide the practical training during the course.

Digital brief’s digital marketing courses in Melbourne, Sydney, and online offer practical training whereby the focus is on the execution and implementation of digital marketing processes and tools. No prior programming language knowledge is required for the courses. Digitalbrief offers its courses in the form of workshops, which are covered in 12 modules discussed below.

Module 1: Digital Marketing and Media Essentials

The digital marketing and media essentials workshop is designed to expand the understanding and knowledge of participants beyond their specialist digital area. The course works with the Paid, Owned, and Earned Media (POEM) model to bring participants up to date with the leading digital media and marketing strategies across different channels.

Course available in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Module 2: Managing Digital and Paid Media

The managing digital and paid media module tackles the management of the wider digital planning approach, which is aligned strategically with the common marketing objectives. The entire process is reviewed from start to finish, reviewing the briefs, looking at the tools, buying methods, the emerging trends and technology available from the basics to advanced solutions such as programmatic media.

Course available in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Module 3: Programmatic Media

Programmatic buying is usually described as the future of online advertising and it is the quickest way to buy targeted ad inventory online. Programmatic media is something that every marketer should strive to understand. The Programmatic Media course will provide participants with the knowledge and tools required to either catch up or keep up with the changes and trends in programmatic media.

Course available in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Module 4: Ultimate Competitive and Category Insights

The Ultimate Competitive and Category Insights module is targeted towards media professionals that discuss media strategy with clients irrespective of the channel they sell primarily. The course will give marketing teams and agencies a head start when it comes to developing a marketing strategy based on deep insights into competitors and the market as a whole.

Course available in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Module 5: Digital Marketing Analytics

Data-driven digital marketing is growing increasingly critical for businesses. However, marketers are still catching up with the opportunities and insights that digital marketing analytics is able to provide today. The Digital Marketing Analytics module provides participants with an overview of how to measure, track, analyse, and successfully leverage critical data and insights from digital analytics.

Course available in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Module 6: Digital Transformation & Change Management

The Digital Transformation & Change Management module is designed for management and marketers that would like to learn about implementing strategic change and transforming their marketing strategies to take advantage of the opportunities that undertaking a digital transformation across their current business practices, models, and marketing present.

Course available in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Module 7: Managing SEM for Marketers

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a high performance and cost-effective strategy that can be used in digital marketing to send targeted traffic to websites and to reach potential customers all over the Internet. The Managing SEM for Marketers module provides the information and knowledge required to understand SEM and achieve the highest ROI possible within the overall digital marketing strategy.

Course available in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Module 8: Managing SEO for Marketers

Managing SEO for Marketers is targeted towards marketers that have a good understanding of SEO who wish to take it a notch higher. The participants will learn how to challenge SEO specialists without appearing to undermine them. While it is not a hands-on course, it teaches how to manage an SEO team and work with them effectively to leverage the most up-to-date SEO strategies in the market.

Course available in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Module 9: Marketing Automation Implementation

Businesses often struggle with marketing automation implementation to achieve better digital marketing efficiencies and results that lead to increased revenues and higher profits. The Marketing Automation Implementation module teaches how to implement and run a marketing automation campaign successfully as well as how to maximize automation solutions to increase efficiency.

Course available in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Module 10: Marketing Automation Strategy

Nurturing leads and generating sales is a critical part of marketing success for B2B or B2C marketers. Today, this function is increasingly supported by marketing automation technologies. The marketing Automation Strategy module is great for both B2B and B2C marketers and covers techniques and strategies widely applicable across the digital marketing landscape.

Course available in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Module 11: Data-Led Retention Marketing Strategy

Retention marketing focuses on keeping customers profitable and happy. Data-led retention strategies are becoming increasingly popular as advanced technologies and strategies come into the market. The Data-Led Retention Marketing Strategy module focuses on the development of a successful retention marketing strategy, grow revenues from existing customers, and increase the lifetime value of customers.

Course available in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Module 12: Digital Media Sales Workshops

Digitalbrief has worked with all kinds of publishers over the years to increase the digital media sales teams. Workshop participants are typically those with a background in media sales that wish to add “digital sell” to their skills. The workshop will help participants learn how to increase their digital media sales revenue by upskilling their sales teams.

Course available in Sydney and Melbourne.

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