Digital Marketing Analytics

Melbourne & Sydney Face-to-Face Workshop Duration – HALF or FULL Day
Online Learning Available

Workshop Overview

As data-driven digital marketing becomes an increasingly vital channel for business, Australian marketers need to grow in data analytics within a marketing framework. We know that many marketers are still catching up with the insights and opportunities that today’s digital analytics can provide. Are you confident in digital analytics to monitor, analyse, and recommend changes to your marketing programs? Do you need to upskill in this area to keep up with your peers or extenrnal stakeholders? Monitoring and acting on your digital data gives you a strong market advantage that will see you out-perform competitors and maximise marketing returns. This Digital Marketing Analytics workshop gives participants an overview of how to track and measure, analyse and successfully leverage key data and insights from digital analytics.

According to the recent Adobe APAC Digital Directions survey produced by Adobe and the CMO Council, Australian marketers are typically not yet measuring the impact of harder business metrics such as sales pipeline performance or customer lifetime value.Some 51% of respondents indicated that one of their top 3 digital priorities is richer, deeper customer profiling and insights. Adobe and the CMO’s report top “digital imperatives” recommendations to accelerate their digital journey included addressing the talent gap, which is consistently a major obstacle to digital advancement. In 2014 an alarming 47% of Australian and APAC marketers said their agency’s digital capabilities and experience were holding them back. Is a lack of digital analytics knowledge holding your business or career back too? Combining marketing theory with real-world solutions, Digital Analytics shows you what works, what doesn’t and provides information to help improve your marketing campaign performance. The workshop makes analytics understandable to non-technical people and you don’t have to be a mathematician to understand its principles and content.

Who Should Attend This Workshop:

  • Marketers who are responsible for developing, managing, and analyzing digital campaigns.
  • Those involved in internal and external discussions and decisions about digital and marketing strategies and tactics.
  • People working on content marketing and social media marketing, among other digital tactics.
  • Those who need to know how to interpret data and metrics into findings and statistics for your marketing and management teams.
  • Analytics professional who want to work more efficiently with marketing teams.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to define what metrics you need to track for your business
  • Benchmark across different campaigns to improve your digital marketing success
  • Learn how to integrate analytics into strategic planning
  • Identifying the data you need to track as a foundation for your strategy
  • Understand digital data sources and their limitations
  • Drive conversions via targeting and segmenting your database
  • Learn how to attribute conversions from a multi-channel campaign
  • How to read and understand Google Analytics reports
  • Campaign flows and media attribution
  • Cross-channel targeting and campaign integration