Ultimate Competitive & Category Insights

Melbourne & Sydney Face-to-Face Workshop Duration – HALF or FULL Day
Online Learning Available

Workshop Overview

The cutting-edge new Ultimate Competitive & Category Insights Workshop is designed for media professionals who discuss media strategy with their clients, regardless of which channel they primarily sell.

This workshop gives agencies and marketing teams a massive unfair advantage in crafting a marketing strategy that’s based on deep insights into your market and competitors. Learn how to gain key competitive insights through leveraging free and low-cost marketing tools and techniques that our trainers have years of experience in working with.

Get key insights into how cutting-edge cross-channel media strategies are put together so that you can position your products and answer sales objections successfully. Gain confidence in understanding how the multiple media channels, including digital, work together to create an integrated media channel.


Who Should Attend This Workshop:

The workshop is designed for marketers who don’t have access to sophisticated marketing tools that can easily deliver these category and competitive insights.


What You Will Learn:

  • Live in the workshop, we give you step by step instructions (via screenshots, text and video) on to gain competitive and category insights
  • We review market performance and competitive elements across multiple media channels in our interactive workshop format
  • How to monitor key competitor strategies
  • How to automate processes
  • How to get insights from key channels including social, search, display and technical
  • Data-driven insights into digital media opportunities for your business
  • How to leverage insights from data and stats to gain a compelling and competitive edge


Workshop Modules

Module 1 – Strategic ‘First Look’ Approach
Module 2 – Industry/Category-wide Insights
Module 3 – Website-centric Insights
Module 4 – Search Insights
Module 5 – Online Advertising Insights
Module 6 – Content Marketing & Social Insights
Module 7 – Technology/Technical Insights
Module 8 – Strategically Conducting a Category or Competitive Analysis
Module 9 – Presenting the Data
Module 10 – Competitive Presentation Template


A Market Insights template document is provided for easy customisation, implementation and internal communication.

After the workshop you will be able to access and leverage invaluable competitive and category insights at a fraction of the budget that larger corporates spend on advanced marketing platforms and tools.