Data-Led Retention Marketing Strategy Workshop

Melbourne & Sydney Face-to-Face Workshop Duration – HALF or FULL Day
Online Learning Available

Workshop Overview

Retention marketing is about keeping the customers you invested in getting – and keeping them happy and profitable. Data-led retention strategies are gaining popularity as advanced strategies and technology solutions have come onto the digital market, it offers marketers an effective way to retain their best customers and grow revenues.

Multiple studies in Australia and worldwide have confirmed that it is cheaper to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Are you letting additional revenue opportunities slip through your fingers? This workshop focuses on showing you how to develop your own successful retention marketing strategy (also often known as loyalty marketing), grow revenues from existing customers, and increase your customer lifetime value.

Remember the power of word-of-mouth endorsement from happy customers too. Customer reviews and other personal endorsements for your products and services found on your site or on your social profiles are hugely influential in how potential customers view your offer and reputation.

Learn how your organisation can maximise returns through focusing on customer relationships and retaining customers, creating retention campaigns that boost repeat sales, cross-selling and up- selling from your customer databases.


You Should Attend If:

  • Your work involves discussions and meetings on customer retention and loyalty leveraging digital strategies, channels and techniques; and ROI
  • You’re a specialist in one digital area but want to know more about other platforms
  • You want to improve your skills in this area to boost your career potential
  • You’re in a junior digital position
  • You’re a non-digital person who needs to learn about digital media and marketing


Who Should Attend This Workshop:

  • People working in customer retention and loyalty marketing and developing retention strategies for your organisation
  • Individuals wanting to further their career in this area
  • Marketers focusing on loyalty and advocacy strategies and tactics
  • Digital and experienced marketers wanting to expand their retention and loyalty skill-set


What You Will Learn:

Learn what you need to know to successfully generate demand and sales using data-led retention marketing across both traditional and digital channels:

  • Identify the key strengths and benefits of retention-based marketing
  • Examine and understand marketing strategies that retain customer loyalty and repeat customers
  • Learn the best programs, digital and marketing automation tools used for retention marketing
  • How to develop a retention-based marketing strategy for your organisation
  • Know what drives customer loyalty and advocacy
  • Identify where your brand, social media presence and digital initiatives fit within your retention marketing strategy
  • Understand the impact on your sales funnel that lead management, demand generation and marketing automation can make
  • How to use retention marketing and loyalty marketing to grow sales and revenue
  • How to put what you’ve learned at the workshop into immediate action
  • Know more about how to keep your customer happy!