How To Create Image And GIF Based Creative Without An Agency!

Learn how to build professional grade digital assets at speed with low cost or free marketing tools.

Create Image GiF

Workshop Overview

We will bring you up to date with the most effective and efficient ways to create images and gifs for digital marketing purposes. Save your time and money creating images using the very same marketing tools used by social media consultants and advertising agencies. This practical and comprehensive course will sharpen your digital marketing skills, leveraging low cost (& free) resources, photo editing tools & more to take your skills to the next level. 

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes are designed to ensure all participants know ……..

Major Content Sections

Through the duration of the workshop we cover these major content sections.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop will be relevant for the below participants. This can be tailored further for in-house training.

Workshop Format & Timings

This workshop is available in on-demand. You may purchase this as a standalone workshop, or bundled within Digital Skills Advantage.  Depending on prior experience, standalone on-demand workshops can take 30 minutes to 90 minutes to complete.

Components of this workshop are also available within Build Compelling Content.

Testimonials & Participant Comments

A great knowledge base for those looking to get up to date information on how to succeed in digital marketing today. So much is changing, let Russ guide you through with his industry knowledge, tools and hacks.
I’ve been in marketing for almost 10 years now and the one thing I’ve learnt is that marking tools and technology is always evolving. Getting to take some time to level up has been great. I really enjoyed the track and analyse module.

Trainer Comments & Related Workshops

If you are looking to using in-house digital asset creation for socials and digital channels, this is for you.

You’ll find more content like this within Digital Skills Advantage and How To Build Compelling Content Workshops.

Are you ready to increase the digital marketing capabilities of your team?

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