Managing Digital and Paid Media

Melbourne & Sydney Face-to-Face Workshop Duration – HALF or FULL Day

Online Learning Available

Workshop Overview

Within this workshop we look at managing the broad digital planning approach strategically aligned with common marketing objectives.

We review the entire planning process from start to finish, looking at the tools, reviewing briefs, buying methods, measurement, the technology available and emerging trends – from the basics to cutting edge solutions like programmatic media.

To maximise the opportunities presented by individual digital media channels, marketers are combining their owned assets with paid media strategies that jointly create and grow your community, SEO traffic and results through the popular Paid, Owned and Earned Media (‘POEM’) approach.

Digital paid media is in some ways very different, yet also similar to traditional or ‘offline’ media.

The workshop covers key areas across self-managed (through an agency), or, platforms such as paid text, search ads on leading social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

If you are looking to gain top level insights into the digital paid media planning and campaign process and be able to confidently discuss this strategy with your agency, this workshop series is for you.

Who Should Attend This Workshop:

  • You liaise with teams internally or externally who manage paid digital media
  • You require a strategic overview of overall paid digital
  • You require more details on paid media but are unlikely to actually build and deliver a strategy yourself
  • You need to get insights into paid media’s benefits, jargon and processes
  • You’re a business owner or manager looking to maximise results by leveraging PPC, paid digital, daily deal or pay-on-performance strategies and solutions
  • The workshop is suitable for all levels and departments that interact with marketing departments


What You Will Learn:

At this workshop, you will:

  • Review and understand the planning process used within digital media matched to your client objectives
  • Explore and understand media buying methods to help you build your range of digital strategies
  • Review the leading tools and platforms available to monitor and maximise digital paid media marketing strategies
  • Gain market insights and identify common challenges of managing paid media
  • Analyse the range of technology solutions available to carefully evaluate the most appropriate digital solutions for your specific requirements