Managing SEO for Marketers

Melbourne & Sydney Face-to-Face Workshop Duration – HALF or FULL Day
Online Learning Available

Workshop Overview

Are you working efficiently with your inhouse SEO team or partners to deliver the best results for your business? This workshop is designed for marketers with top level knowledge of SEO who want to take management to the next level. Learn how to challenge the specialists in SEO without putting them offside!

Optimising your website for search is the lowest cost and most effective marketing tactics that you can deploy online, out performing most other online and digital marketing activities in delivering ROI for your marketing spend.

While this is not a hands- on workshop, you will learn how to manage your SEO team and effectively work with them on leveraging the most up-to-date search strategies in the market. You will learn this through case studies of successful SEO results; discussions on your onsite marketing, review and use marketing tools that can contributes strongly to your website’s organic search results.

The workshop isn’t over-technical or geeky and you certainly don’t have to know HTML. You’ll learn and cover areas including leveraging content marketing to boost your SEO rankings, how to promote and share your onsite content on social media for SEO benefit; and why building links remains an important SEO tactic.

Who should attend? The workshop is designed for all marketing managers and for people who are running a website. It is suitable for both clients and agencies and for marketers in both the B2B and B2C sectors.


What You Will Learn:

You will leave the workshop having learned:

  • The current trends and best practices in in-house SEO in the marketplace
  • How onsite content marketing can improve your SEO rankings
  • How to develop the best content for your business
  • SEO tactics you can leverage both onsite and more widely online
  • How to work with outside SEO agencies
  • How keywords work and where/how you need to use them onsite
  • How to research and select your primary and secondary keywords
  • How to improve both your search rankings and click-through rates (‘CTR’)
  • How to demystify and translate SEO ‘tech-jargon’ into plain English


Workshop Content

The workshop will combine the instructor’s presentations and demonstrations with group discussions, studying best practice Australian and international in-house SEO case studies; and focusing on keyword research and selection.

Topics covered will include how to find keywords and create content for what your target visitors are looking forward, keyword research tools you can utilise, utilising social media for SEO benefits ‘long-tail’ SEO; and competition for keywords.