Digital Marketing and Media Essentials

Melbourne & Sydney Face-to-Face Workshop Duration – ONE DAY, TWO DAYS or FOUR HALF DAYS
Online Learning Available

Digital Marketing Essentials

Workshop Overview

Get a digital marketing strategy shortcut with this Essentials workshop, designed to expand the participants’ knowledge and understanding of digital strategy beyond your specialist digital area or starting point.

Working with the popular POEM (Paid, Owned and Earned Media) model, this course brings you up to date with leading digital marketing and media strategies across multiple channels.

Learn what you need to add to your digital know-how as we cover strategic models, content marketing, website development, paid media, social, retention marketing, search, strategy development – and look to the future. This is a broad brush across almost the entire digital marketing landscape.

The Digital Marketing and Media   Essentials Workshop is Australia’s most popular training course for agencies and marketing managers.

You Should Attend If:

  • You need to discuss digital strategies internally or with external partners and agencies
  • You primarily work in a non-digital role and want to build your digital knowledge
  • You work in a digital role but have no or less than 3 years of experience
  • You work in a very specific digital role and need to understand more and/or upskill outside of your area of expertise
  • You regularly interact with marketing departments on digital marketing initiatives and campaigns


What You Will Learn:

By the end of this workshop series, you will have an up-to-date working knowledge in digital marketing and media so you can:

  • Understand and prioritise strategies and tactics that can supercharge your business and brand across multiple digital channels
  • Participate more effectively in meetings, discussions and decisions about digital marketing areas outside your expertise
  • Make confident and strategic decisions on working with digital channels
  • Identify leading digital marketing strategic models to link/compare to your current practices and highlight potential areas for development
  • Analyse various digital media-inspired strategies and their results
  • Identify smart digital tools and resources to assist with your ongoing work after this workshop.