Digital Media Sales Workshops

Melbourne & Sydney Face-to-Face Workshop Duration – HALFFULL2 DAY, or 3 DAY

Workshop Overview

Over the years, digitalbrief has worked with many publishers, large and small, to increase digital media sales teams. Most participants who attend our sessions have a media sales background who want to add the ‘digital sell’ to their skills. We have developed several programs that can reach the below learning outcomes:

  • Better position digital media products within the market
  • Understand how competitive media products are positioned and sold
  • Appreciate digital media buying considerations from agencies and direct clients
  • Learn common digital sales objections and how to handle them
  • Appreciate end client (marketing manager or small business) digital marketing challenges
  • Appreciate digital planning considerations
  • Learn the differences and application of digital media trading methodologies
  • Position mobile and table offerings
  • Strengthen digital media proposal brief response and strategy creation