Programmatic Media

Melbourne & Sydney Face-to-Face Workshop Duration – HALF or FULL Day

Online Learning Available

Workshop Overview

Programmatic buying is often described as the future of online advertising and is the fastest-growing way to buy targeted ad inventory online either by bidding or buying direct.

Recent Boston Consulting Group research shows Australia is rapidly adopting programmatic media, with the sector forecast to grow 24.9 year-on-year to reach US$724 million at end-2015. Internationally, programmatic is well established in the UK and US and growing fast, with an Interactive Advertising Bureau (‘IAB’) report stating that programmatic advertising income was US$10.1 billion in 2014 and made up 20% of all online ad revenue.


If you’re a marketer, in media sales or on agency side, you need to get your head around programmatic media now. Programmatic know-how and skills will be transferable to every media available and is vital knowledge for your work or for new job opportunities. This workshop will give you the tools and knowledge you need to keep up or rapidly catch up. During the workshop we explain how the two most common ways of programmatic trading:_

  • Programmatic direct buying – buying/selling of any ad unit on a website page, with buyers able to bid for it or buy it directly.
  • Programmatic RTB – buying/selling inventory, auction style, in real time.
Sounds like a lot to learn? Start with this 1 x full day workshop, which delivers an overview of programmatic media in plain English. You’ll leave with a good working knowledge across programmatic media and RTB. The course is designed for non-digital specialists or for digital media specialist at any level who interact with marketing departments.

Who Should Attend This Workshop:

  • You need to develop your understanding of programmatic trading
  • Whatever your role, you are involved in discussions and decisions about programmatic media (we’ve taught this to all sides of the fence)
  • You manage paid media campaigns with your agency
  • You are collaborating and working with internal teams or outside agencies
  • You don’t want get pushed around on programmatic decisions by your partners
  • You want to grow your career and keep up with this exploding area

What You Will Learn:

  • Expand your knowledge and understanding of the programmatic media and RTB space
  • Explore programmatic media’s key approaches and challenges
  • Be able to discuss and question how appropriate a strategy or solution is
  • Learn about programmatic’s processes and top level technology
  • Understand this emerging channel’s different options and how to leverage them