Digital Marketing Skills Workshop


A practical, hands-on skills based digital marketing workshop giving you the tools to implement digital marketing strategies for your agency, marketing department or business. The workshop covers both popular and niche digital marketing techniques, tools, tips and tricks for you to up your skills to rely less on digital specialist and partners and put you in control.


Across the 2-day face-to-face training sessions, you will learn:

  • Countless hands-on digital marketing skills working with your website, deep consumer insights, social influencers, social, images, search, text, video, tracking & so much more
  • How to build and optimise content, of any type, at speed with killer insights
  • Competitor Analysis: How to find competitive insights across multiple channels
  • Automation techniques for digital marketing channels
  • How to increase your digital marketing productivity internally to work more effectively and efficiently with your partners


This workshop is designed for anyone in the marketing industry who have some of the below traits…

  • Marketing professionals who wish they were more confident working with digital marketing and media who want to be more hands on, OR have a stronger appreciation for how digital specialists and agencies deliver your work
  • Creative agency account managers who want to up their digital game to deliver more products and services to the client
  • A digital specialist who has deep knowledge in one area (e.g. SEM or Programmatic) who wants to broaden their skills set beyond this discipline
  • Anyone who has a side hustle or project who wants to leverage digital marketing channels to launch of sell their idea or concept

“Very detailed session and tailored to our businesses everyday challenges”


The workshop is designed to give you the practical skills and confidence to be a better marketer working with digital channels. We show & teach you the techniques, tools, tips and tricks so you can take back control of your digital marketing (and call BS when you see it!). With this knowledge you will be able to not rely on partners so heavily and take control of this growing channel. For agencies, you will be able to create more products and services to work on a deeper level with your client.


Digital Marketing Skills Workshop

This unit is a foundational unit as the insights learned here are leveraged through many of the other units within this program. In a short space of time, you will be able to generate audience and industry insights across a wide range of digital channels. After the workshops your content and marketing strategies will forever have great insights.

Digital marketing leaves clues. Lot’s of them. We show you how to find them and draw conclusions as to what strategies your competitor, and your industry at large, is using. Use and apply these new skills across a wide range of digital channels.

Have you ever wondered if social influencers fake their followers? Buy fans? We show you how to research the influencers to see if they are legit and worth aligning with your brand.

You probably wouldn’t believe this… We will show you how to create a content marketing article, without writing one bullet point or paragraph, with just a subject headline in under 2 minutes.

If you aren’t using video in your digital marketing in 2019 – I think it’s time we had a chat… Consumers prefer visual based communication in social channels. In this unit we will show you how to generate image and video based content using a wide range of digital marketing tools.

Do you know how to increase the marketing performance of your website to increase conversions? We will show you multiple techniques, tools and tips to increase the likelihood of visitors turning into leads or sales.

Whilst chatbots aren’t for every brand, we will demonstrate (while you following along), how to build a simple chatbot live in the workshop. This technology isn’t that scary as you think it is and is actually very similar to other automated marketing channels.

Whilst this is not a 2 day intensive Google Ads or SEO workshop, we will show you how you can tweak your digital marketing strategies with search in mind. There are small changes that can be found very quickly, that can make a big differences to your SEO and Google Ad performance.

Leveraging marketing automation is a smart way to increase your marketing, and marketing team’s, efficiency. With a host of options, we should you how to take your first steps in how to setup and plan for marketing automation.

Through our experience of working within, and with agencies & consultants, we will highlight the best practise techniques and tools we’ve created and discovered. This means less times in meetings, faster builds and lower account management fees.


We partner with Clifton’s to host our Sydney and Melbourne digital marketing courses. Clifton’s allows digitalbrief to deliver our workshops in a great corporate training environment to ensure the day is enjoyed both in and out of the training room.

Virutal Studios

Clifton’s Studios enables digitalbrief to live stream workshops online in real time, with fast broadband, multiple camera angles, enterprise Zoom subscriptions and onsite support.


Creative Agency Account Manager
Creative Agency Account Manager
Creative Agency Account Manager



2 Days Of Face To Face Digital Marketing And Media Trainer

presented by the industry leading digital trainer with over 18 years of hands on digital marketing and media experience.’


Printed Workbook

so you can capture as many notes, examples and models you can throughout the sessions


Fully Catered

You will not be going hungry through our regular morning tea, lunch and afternoon breaks throughout the whole program.


365 Online Learning Access To DM&M Essential Strategies Online

Through our online learning product, Accelerate, we give you access to the online version of our face to face workshop


Digital Resource Library Access

Just imaging gaining access to the shortcuts to research, tools, extensions and resources we use to craft our workshop? All included for you.


Invitation To The Digitalbrief Private Facebook Group

All attendees of our workshop are invited to collaborate and share knowledge within our exclusive group.


10% Off Your Next Workshop Coupon

You’ll receive a 10% discount to use at your next digitalbrief hosted public workshop, valid for 24 months.


25% Off Accelerate Digitalbrief Online Learning Assets

You’ll receive a 25% discount to use within 12 months of completing your workshop.



Dates to be released soon
$ 1,600
  • Dates to be released soon


Dates to be released soon
$ 1,600
  • Dates to be released soon


Skills virtual workshop
$ 595
incl. GST
  • 12th-13th August


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