I work as a marketing manager or client side

I’m in a communications role within a state or federal government


I work within a creative agency


I’m in a media sales or commercial role within a media company


I’m working in a media agency


I own a business, I am involved in a start-up or want to get my side hustle going


I’m a full or part time student at university or TAFE looking to get my first job

Workshops For Marketing Managers / Client Side

DM&M Essentials – For strategic digital marketing & media knowledge
DM&M Progression – To progress your knowledge from ‘Essentials’ to 2019 strategies.
DM&M Skills – To learn the hands on skills to implement your digital strategy

Many marketing managers have learned sections of digital marketing on the job with little to no formal education. You’ve probably learned through working with your agency or agencies, the odd free presentation from media or conferences, and you are comfortable with some but not all of the digital channels. For marketing managers who need strategic knowledge on how digital marketing and media channels work, DM&M Essentials is for you. It’s our most popular workshop and most participants start here.

Once you are confident on the strategic channels and you’ve worked with them for 2+ years, you are now ready for the DM&M Progression workshop. This will upgrade and progress your strategic knowledge of digital to the next level.

If you want to learn the hands-on skills of digital marketing, implement digital by yourself in your small marketing department with a small or non-existent budget or just want to claw back work from your agencies, the DM&M Skills workshop is for you.

Workshops For Communications Professionals In Government

DM&M Essentials – For strategic digital marketing & media knowledge
DM&M Skills – For communications professionals who require a more hands-on approach

Working with digital channels within a government department in a communications role can be quite challenging. We know often times another department may ‘own’ the website, and with restrictions on the use of influencers within social media we can appreciate your frustrations. With government agency contracts getting tighter, where do you go to learn digital and how can you get the best ROI from your digital media investment?

Over the many years of working with government departments we know most professionals start at DM&M Essentials. Many of the concepts & strategies we introduce and discuss at the DM&M Progression level is out of the reach of most government departments due to the nature of restrictions and controls in place.

For smaller departments who want to learn how to implement strategies without an agency the DM&M Skills workshops should be a consideration.

Workshops For Creative Agencies

DM&M Essentials – For strategic digital marketing knowledge
DM&M Progression – To progress your knowledge from ‘Essentials’ to 2019 strategies.
DM&M Skills – For existing or new digital products & services to be delivered in house

Account managers working within a creative agency are often starved of digital training. The digital team within the media agency is calling the shots on your client, and you are often working around the edges trying to keep your knowledge up with free presentations from Google and Facebook every quarter (that’s if you are lucky enough to be in a network agency). You’ve probably pitched digital training to your boss but rarely do you actually receive it, and when you do it’s from the in house team. We hear you!

If you want to up your strategic digital game to influence the client, and lead them into digital channels they should be investing in (not what others think they should), you must attend the DM&M Essentials workshop first. This will give you working knowledge on how to digital channels together to then apply this to your client.

If you feel like you have already passed the ‘Essentials’ level, then jump into our DM&M Progression workshop however be warned, it’s a pretty steep jump so please consider this before you enrol.

If you work within a smaller agency and you want to take on more work, build new digital products and services to sell to your clients and rely less on external consultants to deliver the work, the DM&M Skills workshop is for you.

Media Sales Professionals

Do you wish you were more confident positioning and pitching your product to agencies or direct clients? Over 7 years we’ve developed, refined and updated our Digital Media Sales Advantage learning program to help you be more knowledgeable, skilled and confident selling digital media.

If you are looking to broaden your skills beyond media sales, the DM&M Essentials workshop is worth you attention. If you are already comfortable with your digital selling skills, and you are looking to trend spotting, bigger picture & higher level discussions, the DM&M Progression workshop will be your next step.

Workshops For Media Agencies

The MFA have created a base line digital media training programs and issues two certificates. If you work within a media agency who is a member of the MFA you are able to attend these workshops for free.

If you are looking deepen you knowledge of digital marketing beyond the MFA workshops the DM&M Essentials workshop is worth considering. There is overlap between the MFA course and Essentials however digitalbrief takes a much deeper approach to the learning strategy, content and experience.

You work within a business that is likely to have an innovation department. This department is likely to be across some but not all of the concepts that we share within our DM&M Progression workshop.

Our DM&M Skills based workshop will not help you out with DCM, DBM or Roy Morgan, however it will give you great insights into other areas of the industry, much more to what you are regularly exposed in your day to day role. This workshop is great for digital specialists as well.

For senior agency professionals who want to be more confident on how to sell digital media components on your schedule, the Digital Media Sales Advantage program is worth your review.

Workshops For Full Or Part Time Students

Essentials – For strategic digital marketing & media knowledge
Skills – For communications professionals who require a more hands on approach

Many universities and TAFE qualifications do not do a deep dive in digital marketing & media. If they do, it’s often out of date. If you want to get a leg up in the job seeking department with current knowledge of digital marketing, and network amongst professionals already witin the industry.

Your best bang for buck is to actually do two workshops. In your first role it’s likely you will need to be ‘on the tools’. Therefore, the DM&M Skills workshop is a good fit for you. However, you need to know how your skills are being used in the strategic bigger picture. The DM&M Essentials workshops will give you this insight.

Workshops For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Start ups

Launching in 2019 we have a series of learning programs designed specifically for you.
You’ll need to know the best digital strategies and techniques working on a boot strapped or smaller budget.