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For Marketers / Client Side

Most Popular Workshops For Marketers

Many marketing managers have learned digital ‘on the job’ with little to no formal education. They’ve often picked up parts of digital working with agencies, through the odd free lunch presentation (read: pitch) from media at conferences, and have a degree of comfort with some but not all digital channels. 

For marketing managers who need strategic knowledge of how digital marketing and media channels work together, the “Essentials” workshop is for you. 

For Government Professionals

Most Popular Workshops For Government

Working with digital channels within a government department in a communications role can be quite challenging. We know often times another department may ‘own’ the website, and with restrictions on using influencers within social media, we can appreciate your frustrations. With government agency contracts getting tighter, where do you go to learn digital and how can you get the best ROI from your digital media investment?

Over the many years of working with government departments at a state and federal level, we know most start with our ‘Essential’s program.

Many departments prefer a customised approach to training. We build and tailor a program specifically for their needs.

For Advertising, Creative and PR agencies

Most Popular Workshops For Advertising, Creative and PR

Account managers working within a creative agency are often starved of digital training. The digital team within the media agency calls the shots on your client, and you are often working around the edges trying to keep your knowledge up with free presentations from Google and Facebook every quarter (that’s if you are lucky enough to be in a network agency). You’ve probably pitched digital training to your boss, but rarely do you actually receive it, and when you do it’s from the in-house team who are super stretched. We hear you!

If you want to up your strategic digital game to influence the client, and lead them into digital channels they should be investing in (not what others think they should), you must attend the Essentials workshop. This will give you working knowledge on how to digital channels together, to then apply this to your client.

For Media Agencies

Most Popular Workshops For Media Agencies

In Australia, the MFA has created a base line digital media training programs and issues two certificates. If you work within a media agency who is a member of the MFA you are able to attend these workshops for a very low cost.

If you are looking to deepen your knowledge of digital marketing beyond the MFA workshops, our ‘Essentials‘ workshop is for you. There is overlap between the MFA course and Essentials, however, digitalbrief takes a much deeper approach to the learning strategy, content and experience.

For Media Companies

Most Popular Workshops For Media Companies

Do you wish you were more confident positioning and pitching your product to agencies or direct clients? Over 7 years, we’ve developed, refined and updated our Digital Media Sales Advantage learning program to help you be more knowledgeable, skilled and confident selling digital media.

If you are looking to broaden your skills beyond media sales, the  ‘Essentials‘ workshop is worth your attention.

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