DIGITAL MARKETING & MEDIA WORKSHOPS ACROSS BROAD AND TARGETED ASPECTS OF digital marketing including social media, content marketing, seo and more


Continuing our partnership with the Victorian government of 7 years, digitalbrief is pleased to announce the 2021 workshop series below. The workshops catering to a broad audience within communication departments across Victorian Government, the workshops are designed in two main sections.

Our Essentials workshops (#1) is a broad, strategic workshop covering many areas of digital marketing & media. Over the years, this workshop has run in various forms with Victorian Government including 2019/20 joint venture with Mumbrella, and more recently CampaignAsia. The Essentials workshop spans 2 days back to back and is our most popular workshop. If you are newer to digital marketing please start with this workshop.

For 2021, we have developed deeper, targeted programs catering for those who want specific information & knowledge beyond time allocated within ‘Essentials’. These workshops are all one day in duration, and focus on a narrower number of topics, however this allows us to go much more in depth, combing both the strategy and skills of working in these areas. These workshops are #2 through #6 below. 

All workshops are designed based on participant feedback and in consultation with Department Of Premier and Cabinet.




Work more efficiently with your media agency across digital paid media and search engine marketing


Increase your confidence when building, presenting or sharing reports internally


Increase your SEO rankings without engaging an external supplier


Create a consumer/communications journey for your target audience across your next campaign


Develop a robust content marketing strategy for your area


Build your own social media assets without relying on external agencies or resources


Respectfully challenge digital paid media recommendations from agency partners


Understand the challenges and opportunities Programmatic Media brings to digital paid media


Learn strategic models to strengthen your digital communication skills with internal and external stakeholders


Digital Marketing & Media provides a knowledge boost on the essential skills needed to master the art and science of digital marketing and media.

The two-day virtual workshop covers digital marketing techniques, tools and tips and gives you the up-to-date knowledge you need to make confident and strategic decisions for your brand, agency or consultancy. 

Whether you’re senior management, or just starting out on your digital journey, this workshop is for you. The training allows you to benchmark yourself against industry best practice and equips you with a toolkit to refer back to after the workshop has ended.

The workshop is strategic in nature & covers a wide range of areas within the digital marketing and media landscape. 

  • Digital marketing and media strategic principles
  • Australia’s digital landscape and trends
  • Measuring and presenting your return on digital investment
  • Content marketing strategy
  • 10 steps to social media
  • Managing and buying digital paid media
  • Programmatic media priming
  • Delving into data and analytics
  • Marketing automation work
  • Owning owned media

How to design & refine your content strategy and map it to a complete, end-to-end customer journey. Learn how to generate consumer insights, position your content, and integrate your digital channels.

While your target market digital consumption grows, now more than ever, brands need to have a thorough content strategy developed to cut through and be effective. With so many digital channels available to marketers, mapping out the customer journey, and overlaying it with the best content strategy is now key to growth.

This workshop is designed to give you the strategy and tools you need to develop a customer journey for your brand’s product or services. You will learn how to generate great content ideas for any channel, to reach your customer and lead them down the customer journey to an eventual sale… or repeat sales!

After attending this workshop you will be able to:

  • Design a consumer journey map specific to your business or brand

  • Map content marketing strategies to your new consumer journey

  • Align a content marketing strategy to consumer needs

  • Use new tools to assist with content marketing strategy creation

  • Develop content themes with a thorough strategy in place

  • Evaluate and improve upon your content marketing strategy

  • Present your content marketing strategy to anyone in your business

Learn how to create & build digital marketing assets for multiple digital channels. We cover the hands-on skills of  how to build social media images, videos, stories, GIFs, podcasts and more.

Over the last 20+ years, digital departments have developed tools and processes to help create content for social and digital channels. Often, these tools are kept secret, only known to ‘hands-on’ digital marketers, agencies and digital specialists.

This workshop is designed to show you the tools and processes as to how to build compelling digital marketing content across multiple channels. How can you create and brand an animated GIF? Build a podcast episode? Create a short video on a budget? Most importantly, this workshop is hands-on! Get ready to use your desktop or laptop to build digital assets today.

After attending this workshop you will be able to:

  • Apply content marketing strategic principles across any channel (digital marketing or not!)

  • Create feed scroll-stopping headlines

  • Use often hidden techniques to build social media graphics and GIFs

  • Build video assets on a budget effortlessly

  • Use multiple tools closely guarded by digital specialists

An ever-increasing share of marketers’ media budget is moving towards digital media channels. Learn the correct way to manage your media agency and digital paid media investments, whilst focusing on the most important KPIs to prove ROI for your brand.

No other media channel has so many variables, options and metrics for the marketing team than digital paid media. Social, Video, Mobile, Email, Programmatic Native, Content Marketing…. the list goes on. Marketers must know how to manage their internal team, or external agency to ensure their digital media budget is used to maximum effectiveness.

This workshop is designed to give marketers the inside knowledge to manage digital paid, including programmatic media, to ensure maximum effectiveness. The workshop will take you through the major options, levers, and techniques used by digital buyers. Finally, when reporting ROI back to the business, the workshop will show you how to focus on the metrics that matter, not just the ones that are ‘above industry average’.

After attending this workshop you will be able to:
  • Evaluate your digital paid media strategy

  • Understand the major strengths and weaknesses of the major digital paid media options and platforms

  • Comprehend the complexities of programmatic media

  • Respectfully challenge digital media recommendations

  • Align the most appropriate KPIs and metrics to prove ROI

  • Ensure you are getting the best value from your digital media budget

A practical and plain English approach to search engine optimization. Learn how the full process works from start to finish so you can implement SEO strategies without hiring a specialist agency or consultant.

SEO strategies seem to be constantly changing and updating year on year, yet the importance of being number 1 for your key search term in Google never changes. Search Engine Optimisation has shifted from a product a marketer can purchase, to a way of conducting and delivering digital marketing – with SEO always in mind.

Over a full day of training, we will take you through the SEO process and how everyday marketers can be more involved, question and develop the strategy, learn the processes, experience the tools and look at the metrics that matter when reporting KPIs back to the business.


After attending this workshop you will be able to:

  • Plan an SEO strategy without the help of a specialist agency or consultant

  • Learn and know the most up-to-date SEO strategies and techniques

  • Evaluate your current website from an SEO perspective

  • Design and refine your current digital marketing strategy with SEO in mind

  • Evaluate your current SEO strategy

  • Appreciate the role of search in the overall customer journey process

A workshop for honing the strategy behind the practice, spanning social media, digital consumer trends, automated customer service/chat bots, leveraging data and much more. For more senior executives who need to communicate strategies to the broader business.

In 2021, digital marketing channels are now strongly integrated into the overall marketing strategy for any business or brand. In order to develop a successful, fully integrated & modern marketing strategy, marketers must be across the most current digital marketing channel strategies. With these strategies in mind, the executive must be able to communicate these strategies to the broader business using strategic models and processes for stakeholder buy-in.

Assuming base level strategic knowledge of digital marketing and channels from experience or knowledge gained from our Digital Marketing Fast Track Workshop, this one day workshop focuses on the latest developments & challenges within each digital opportunity and how to communicate & structure these to stakeholders through various digital strategic models.

The one day workshop spans content across social media, digital consumer trends, automated customer service/chat bots, leveraging data and much more. We update and upskill marketing executives across the full breadth of channels, techniques & strategic models, and show them how to communicate this both internal and externally to the business.

After attending this workshop you will be able to: 

  • Develop stronger strategies that incorporate digital channels across paid, owned and earned media

  • Be up-to-date across the latest advancements in digital marketing strategies & opportunities

  • Integrate new strategic models into your marketing strategy development

  • Better communicate with digital specialists in the strategic use of digital channels

  • Communicate marketing strategy at a higher level to both internal and external stakeholders

About digitalbrief Virtual Workshops

Our Virtual training delivery and approach was created and refined through the delivery of over 25+ full day workshops during 2020 (including 5 with Victorian Government Communication Professionals)  Virtual workshops are broadcasted live from digitalbrief studios. The multi-camera setup with professional lighting and sound ensure participants can engage and interact in a close to face-to-face workshop fashion as possible. 
All workshops are conducted on the most consistent, and easy to use web conferencing system available, Zoom!
Please make sure you get access to a large tablet, laptop or desktop device for maximum enjoyment.


I attended earlier programs with digitalbrief, are these workshops relevant for me?

Our “Essentials” workshop is regularly updated with new content, however if you have completed this in the past 2 years, we don’t recommend your attendance for the 2nd time. The one day, targeted workshops combine new content for 2021, and integrate the foundations learned in the ‘Essentials’ workshop. This year, targeted workshops include both digital strategy & hands-on skills based content.

How are the workshops conducted? What technology? What timings?

We use Zoom to conduct workshops. Days start at 9am to finish at 4:30pm with regular breaks

Is a workbook included? How will I get it?
Once payment is made, we will email you a PDF  1 week out from the workshop for you to print before the workshop. The workbook is approximately 100 pages. You will be able to get this done at a local Officeworks or print shop. If not, a notepad and pen will be sufficient.
I can’t make the dates, will you run this later in 2021?
At present, we have an agreement with DPC across the advertised dates only. 


Since undertaking the course, I’ve been working much closer with the in-house digital team on Facebook retargeting ads, improving our ability to track audiences online, ensuring components of SEO have been actioned and suggesting other ways to leverage our video content. I do feel more confident with the media agency – I ask a lot more from them now!

Post-workshops I’m feeling more confident talking all things digital with the agency. It was especially useful when I had to provide feedback for their post campaign report. 

The workshop was really great, I constantly refer back to the workbook. I’ve implemented learnings mainly in the paid area and trying to influence more in how to tackle our owned and earned channels to gain greater engagement and brand presence.



Workshop #1 – Digital Marketing & Media Essentials – 13 & 14 April, 2021
Workshop #2 – How To Build A Content & Customer Journey Strategy – 22 April, 2021
Workshop #3 – How To Build A Compelling Content For Social & Digital Channels – 19 May, 2021
Workshop #4 – Digital Paid Media Management Masterclass – 8 June, 2021
 Workshop #5 – In-house SEO strategies for communication professionals – 22 June, 2021
Workshop #6 – Strategic Digital Marketing in 2021 – July 6th, 2021
Training days start at 9am, finish at 4:30pm with regular breaks throughout.
All training is held via Zoom web conferencing technology.
Workbook provided via PDF delivery.


Essentials Only (2 Days) – $480 + GST

Essentials + 1 x 1 day workshop – $840 + GST

Essentials + 2 x 1 day workshops – $1,160 + GST

Essentials + 3 x 1 day workshops – $1,460 + GST

Essentials + 4 x 1 day workshops – $1,700 + GST 

Any 1 day workshop – $400 + GST

2 x 1 day workshops – $780 + GST

3 x 1 day workshops – $1100 + GST

4 x 1 day workshops – $1350 + GST

5 x 1 day workshops – $1600 + GST

All Workshops – $1,880 + GST

Tickets are non-transferable


individual ticket PRICES with all inclusions ARE listed above. Payment can be made directly to digitalbrief via credit card or VIA invoice.

Online payment form

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Working with workshop outlines above, we often work directly with departments, entities and agencies to deliver a more tailored workshop. Working with a department directly allows us to integrate your briefs, technology, reports and other specifics into the program. 

Through experience working with many in-house marketing and communication teams, the learning outcomes are accelerated with entire teams up-skilled with the same knowledge. We often see teams more energised and motivated as a result of our training.

We have delivered this style of training countless times over the years at local, state and federal levels. Please get in touch with Russ directly to learn more about in-house digital marketing training by sending your enquiry to [email protected]

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