Digital Media Sales Advantage

Empowering media sales professionals to confidently pitch and position their digital media products confidently in the ever changing media environment.


Workshop Overview

Designed specifically for media sales professionals, this workshop gives you the knowledge to confidently engage, challenge and sell your product to both agency and direct clients. We highlight what you need to know so you and your products remain competitive in the marketplace. With your new and updated digital knowledge, the confidence you’ll get post the workshop will give you the edge in negotiations with internal stakeholders and your clients.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will the confidence to pitch your digital media products to direct or agency clients. Along the way you will learn…

Major Content Sections

Through the duration of the workshop we cover these major content sections.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for media sellers professionals working in commercial roles within media companies. We’ve had positive feedback and testimonials from Commercial Directors, to account coordinators who attend the very same program.

Workshop Format & Timings

The workshop is typically delivered face-to-fave or virtually via Zoom. The timings are typically 3 x Full Day or 6 x Half Days. Clients may choose to have sessions delivered on consecutive morning, or longer breaks between half day sessions. This workshop can be shortened to a 2-day workshop held over a period of weeks.

Testimonials & Participant Comments

I worked closely with Russell in his capacity as a corporate digital expert trainer. We saw a need to provide digital training for all levels in the agency, presented in a way everyone, at different levels of knowledge could easily comprehend and use immediately in their roles. I also attended his digital media sales advantage course which provided me with an enhanced comprehension of digital and his approach demystified digital for me increasing my confidence substantially. Russell is passionate in his craft, has a great teaching approach, creating a comfortable environment to ask questions without judgement. I wouldn’t hesitate engaging Russell again to train my team and help me work out a training plan to again help navigate a program for different levels of understanding for the team and clients. If you need digital training I highly recommend getting in touch with Russell at Digital Brief.
Rebel Radio Network engaged Russ Easther from Digitalbrief in July to upskill our radio account managers with a working knowledge of digital marketing offerings by Rebel Digital, our digital marketing division. Initially, the training was to be on site over three days on the Gold Coast, but circumstances forced us to train our 12 staff in a virtual environment. Russ was an adept trainer and adapted to the changing format with ease. I was amazed at how he interacted with our staff and encouraged participation in the three full days of training. The training covered a lot of material in a short period of time, but Russ’s training methods incorporated recall and repetition which allowed us to cover the subjects required in an in-depth, but fun format. I have only praise for the way in which Russ developed an easy rapport with our team and instilled in them not only a new skill set but an appreciation of new digital marketing techniques. In just over a month, our team has shown remarkable advances in sales of digital services and the ROI on our investment has been outstanding averaging 41% increase in digital marketing sales since training.

Trainer Comments & Related Workshops

This workshop is perfect for media sales people, or commercial teams working within media companies. It’s the 2nd most popular workshop over the last 10 years of delivering training.  We’ve run this with global multinational companies (New York Times, Fox, News Corp, Yahoo!) to small publishers of less than 5 people, who sell digital products off the back of radio, TV, print, events and more. 

Are you ready to increase the digital marketing capabilities of your team?

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