How To Track & Analyse Your Digital Marketing To Prove Your ROI

It’s time to make up with google analytics and others you’ve never heard about before!

Workshop Overview

Whether you are a digital marketing beginner or a seasoned pro, this course is for you! We show you how to use the world’s most popular tracking tools without the technical jargon. Allow us to show you how to set up cross tracking platforms, so you have single dashboards that can tell you what’s working and what’s not, so you can take action FAST.

Learning Outcomes

Ultimately, the learning outcomes for our Track and Analyse workshop are designed to ensure all participants know ……..

Major Content Sections

Through the duration of the workshop we cover these major content sections.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop will be relevant for the below participants. This can be tailored further for in-house training.

Workshop Format & Timings

This workshop is available in on-demand. You may purchase this as a standalone workshop, or bundled within Digital Skills Advantage.  Depending on prior experience, standalone on-demand workshops can take 30 minutes to 90 minutes to complete.

Testimonials & Participant Comments

The tracking & ROI workshop is a great complement to an existing understanding of the subject, adding an additional layer of depth to areas such as UTM tagging and Google Analytics. Each section of the course is a great bite-sized piece that delivers handy navigation tips within different digital marketing platforms to ensure you prove your campaign ROI.
I’m enjoying these online courses and already seeing lot’s of value. It’s a perfect way to stay current in our ever-changing industry. The information provided is relevant and the learning methods engaging. I find the courses super easy to follow and implement in my day-to-day, with plenty of new ideas to take away. Russ is an inspiring facilitator, who explains things in simple terms, relating back to real-life examples.

Trainer Comments & Related Workshops

Google Analytics has come a long way and marketers should not be afraid of it anymore! This is a gentle introduction/re-introduction to this tool, plus many others, to help you be more confident reporting to stakeholders. This workshop does not cover GA4 at present.

Are you ready to increase the digital marketing capabilities of your team?

Enquire about this workshop delivered virtually, face-to-face or on-demand.
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