Low Budget and Free Tools To Help You Create, Schedule and Organise Content

If you have an active social media account you are starting to grow, or even have an established audience, how do you build content on a budget? How will you create, manage and post content on those channels in a cost efficient manner? Browse through the below tools – they’ll be your new best work friends!

Content Creation
1. Resize.it
The easiest tool to use if you simply want to resize images for multiple social media channels that require different sizes of content is Resize.it. This simple online tool allows you to resize and edit images without a subscription, purchasing or downloading software.

Avoid engaging that pricey advertising agency or design team to resize the content every time. With Resize.it, you can resize images yourself and save your company money. Plus, you’ll extend your content usage.

2. Canva
Aimed at non-designers, Canva allows you to design content – for free. You can edit existing photos, collaborate with others, and create a ton of designs with free fonts and elements.

Content creation can be incredibly expensive. Why hire an agency when you can create the content yourself with a free arsenal of images and fonts? Create content you can distribute on multiple channels to engage your existing customers and new ones! The subscription model will allow for additional features, such as managing workflows, branding, templates, and increased collaboration opportunities.

3. Visual.ly
With Visual.ly, you can create infographics, videos, web experiences, presentations and micro-content, leveraging the Visual.ly network of designers, writers and developers.

Infographics and videos are extremely valuable pieces of content for your business, because in this day of information overload, consumers don’t have time to read through reports, articles or case studies. Quick visual representations of your story or video content are more likely to connect with your consumers and tell your brand story. However, those types of content can get pricey.

Content Marketing Organization
4. Google Tools
Now that you have content, how will you keep track of it all? Use FREE Google tools to house your content calendar, organize your content and collaborate on content ideas. All you need is a Google account, and you have access to Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Calendar and Google Docs.

Google’s tools are safe and secure and great for collaboration, because more than one user can view and work at the same time. And your colleagues can always have access to the posting calendar, content library or content idea bank. Google Drive provides a central location to house everything to make it easier for you to find content from a post you did a few months ago or an idea you had for content. The alerts associated with the calendar will remind you when to post the content.

5. Pinterest
Pinterest is a great platform for sharing content, but it can also be used to HOUSE content on “secret boards” in an organized manner – for FREE.

It also allows for great content inspiration and collaboration in one central location. This tool can help save you and your colleagues time in content idea generation or when posting. To create a Pinterest account for your brand. Or if you already have an account, log in and “Create a Board”. Name your board, add a description and choose to “Keep It Secret”.

6. Evernote
Evernote touts itself as the one workspace you need across ALL your devices to collect information. This tool goes way beyond storage – it lets you collect, write and discuss content.

Sometimes it’s hard to get inputs or feedback among your co-workers because it gets buried in the daily email. So Evernote is a platform that allows for discussion in real-time, even when you can’t call a meeting. Discovering and searching for content can take up a lot of time. So don’t let your time or money go to waste.

Content Marketing Scheduling / Distribution
7. Buffer
Buffer allows you to SCHEDULE your social media posts on up to 12 social profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, app.net and Google+ – for free! Buffer also provides detailed analytics on your posts. Up to 2 individuals can use the free subscription – or if you have some funds, ante up for the agency or business plan.

Buffer can help you save time – and headaches – by linking together several social media accounts in one place, allowing you to have a presence across multiple social channels with only one action. The scheduling component ensures your post will be posted at the best time to get the most eyeballs on or engagement with your content.

8. Hootsuite
You’ve probably heard about Hootsuite, but do you know what it can really do? The tool can schedule content on your main social networks. But that’s not all – the tool can help you monitor and analyze your content’s performance. With Autoschedule, the tool suggests a time to post based on your past performance. The free edition allows for one user.

With Hootsuite, you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Measuring and tracking performance of your content can help you create better content and push it out to the right audience who will see it the most.

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