Digital Media Sales Training

Workshop Overview

Across the globe, digital media has gained in popularity, spend, and sophistication. Through working with clients with backgrounds in print, radio, TV, and outdoor, we know that many media sales professionals are simply not confident when discussing marketing & media strategies involving digital media. They may have good client rapport and sales process skills; however, they come undone when the client mentions Facebook or Google.

Our training programs are geared towards the media sales industry, and are designed to give non-digital professionals confidence, knowledge, and a working understanding of digital media, so they can carry and contribute to a conversation about digital media.

We believe every digital media sales professional should be capital T shaped. To properly position your digital marketing and media products, you need to know exactly where it fits within the marketplace. Typically, internal training programs by media agencies are product focused, and on features and benefits. Our training programs are externally focused, so you can see where your solution fits within the various alternatives. This gives a sales person immense confidence to truly see the competitiveness of their own product within the broader landscape.

To own this, you need to know ‘a little bit about a lot’ of digital. That is represented in the top of the T! This is the necessary knowledge you need to sell digital. The deep knowledge of your products in marketing and media is further strengthened from this knowledge. Therefore, once you develop the top of the T, the length of the T naturally strengthens from your own knowledge and internal training.

Over the years, we’ve developed a training solution that we tailor for our client’s, named Digital Media Sales Advantage. The program is updated, tailored, and customised for our clients’ requirements. Within the program, we deliver components of the ‘Top of the T’ whilst integrating and highlighting the position of our clients’ products. The program is very robust and well regarded. Check out two testimonials about the content and our trainers below.

Workshop Formats

You can learn these programs through a variety of different formats:

In house-training

We are often engaged by media companies who have teams of media sales people who need to engage with clients across digital media at a higher level. Over the years, we’ve worked with most types of media companies and know how their predominant media channels integrate and complicate their existing sell with digital media. This program is delivered in a face to face environment, typically over a three day period over a total duration of 5 weeks. If you would like to learn more about in house training please contact us.

Industry/Public workshops

Starting from 2016, we now deliver our in-house training program solution over a condensed two day format. Currently operating in Melbourne and Sydney, we deliver a shortened version with the most important learnings.


We have a dedicated online learning area setup for individuals and businesses who prefer to learn in a discreet learning environment. All of our modules are available for viewing on any device. We bring a multimedia approach to learning with whiteboard videos, YouTube videos, infographics, images, and more. Learn more about our online learning solution and join others who have successfully finished this program.


Trainer Comments & Related Workshops

The days of buying SEO ‘off-the-shelf’ are long gone. Marketers need to deliver marketing with SEO in mind. This workshop rapidly increases a marketing teams SEO literacy and outcomes allowing for faster ranking in Google. This is a must for marketers who rely on owned media who have no formal SEO strategy in place.

Are you ready to increase the digital marketing capabilities of your team?

Enquire about this workshop delivered virtually, face-to-face or on-demand.
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