How To Build Compelling Content For Social & Digital Channels

How to create Video, Images, Headlines, Podcasts, Infographics and more by using over 100 low cost or free tools and techniques (No photoshop or design qualifications required!)

Build Content

Workshop Overview

Over the last 20+ years, digital departments have developed tools and processes to help create content for social and digital channels. Often, these tools are kept secret, only known to ‘hands-on’ digital marketers, agencies and digital specialists.

This workshop is designed to show you the tools and processes to build compelling digital marketing content across multiple channels. How can you create and brand an animated GIF? Build a podcast episode? Create a short video on a budget? Most importantly, this workshop is hands-on! Get ready to use your desktop or laptop to build digital assets today.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be more confident with up-to-date working knowledge across content marketing, with an emphasis on production. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:-

Major Content Sections

Through the duration of the workshop we cover these major content sections.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for anyone in the marketing industry who have some of the below traits…

Workshop Format & Timings

The workshop is typically delivered face-to-face or virtually via Zoom. Workshop timings are typically one full day of training, or 2 x 1/2 days. Client’s may choose to have half day sessions delivered over consecutive days, or choose longer breaks between training days.

Testimonials & Participant Comments

Infectious enthusiasm is what you want in a trainer and you’ve got it in bucketloads with Russ. I completed both the Virtual Digital Essentials and Virtual Digital Skills workshops and walked away with a wealth of practical new skills that I can use immediately and take forward with me in the ever-changing landscape of marketing communications. The virtual aspect was hi-quality, flowed really well, and in no way dampened my experience as I felt thoroughly engaged throughout. I just wish I had enrolled in the workshops sooner!
After finishing both the Digital Essentials & Digital Skills workshop with Russell I can highly recommend both courses as a way to either dip your way into the digital world or upskill. The content was really interesting and very helpful. Russell delivered both works shops in an entertaining but informative which was very motivating. Can’t wait for the next one.

Trainer Comments & Related Workshops

This workshop energises marketing teams as they learn how fast and efficient digital marketing assets are created. The ‘lower cost’ tools and techniques in these workshops often attract marketers on smaller budgets, or smaller marketing teams and consultants.

Elements of this workshop can be found on-demand within Digital Skills Advantage and live with Digital Marketing Skills.

Are you ready to increase the digital marketing capabilities of your team?

Enquire about this workshop delivered virtually, face-to-face or on-demand.
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